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Mortgage Professional and Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist

As a Mortgage Professional and Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist, I have been fortunate to help some amazing people with the most important purchases they will ever make. I have a passion for helping people and being able to assist, or in some cases help to get someone back on track, has been so incredibly rewarding for me.

Why choose me? 

  1. Canada-wide Lenders
    Although I am based in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, I have access to all the best lenders in Canada. That means the best financing for you and your situation.
  2. Best Possible Rates
    Getting you the best mortgage rate possible is my #1 concern. With my vast experience in the industry, I have the knowledge and tools to get it.
  3. Personal Attention
    You’re more than just a number to me. I’m here to answer your questions and address your concerns, during the approval phase or after.

My Areas of Specialty

  • Reverse Mortgages
    Turn up to 55% of the value of your home into tax-free money provided you are a homeowner of at least 55 years old.
  • First Time Home Buyers
    Get the guidance and support you need, and flexible programs that work with your budget.
  • Self Employed Mortgages
    Get good rates and more flexible mortgage options, and someone to say “yes” to your self-employed loan.
  • Refinancing
    Lock in a lower rate and get lower payments – plus free up equity – with our generous refi programs.
  • Renewals
    Save money when I negotiate a lower rate and a more flexible payment structure for your loan.
  • Private Mortgages
    Secure a mortgage even without perfect credit through one of our creative lending programs.

My service is entirely free! I do not work for any lender. I work with YOU!

I look forward to meeting you, thank you for stopping by!

Kevin Ovelson

104 - 1912 Enterprise Way
Kelowna, BC
V1Y 9S9, Canada

Tel: 888-765-7313 
Cell: 250-470-9375 

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